Special Care Milestone Cards - Fin Laser Co.

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A collection of milestone cards carefully curated for babies in special care. Celebrate the milestones unique to those who are taking the path less beaten.

11 Discs made locally by Fin Laser Co, etched onto timber and double sided.

Today I am oxygen free / No more feeding tube

I graduated from NICU today / I moved into an open cot today

Today I was brave for my tests / Today I was brave for my operation

I came off the ventilator today / I came of CPAP today

Oximetry tonight... wish us luck / Blood transfusion today

Today I had my first bottle / Today I had my first breastfeed

Thank you for taking care of me / I love nurse cuddles

I finally get to go home today / Today is my due date

First cuddle with Dad / First cuddle with Mum

My First outfit / Today I had my first bath

I am finally breathing on my ownn / I am now wireless