About Us

Welcome to Vinny and Co.

A place where we hope we can make your parenting journey a little bit easier. We stock a wide range of practical baby goods that have been tried and tested by our little family. 

Vinny and Co was inspired by our own journey into parenthood which was  disrupted when our son Vinny was diagnosed with cancer. Throughout this time we were stressed and needed the most convenient practical baby goods to get us through. We also needed products specific to his medical needs like his CVC wraps which were designed by his clever Granny, whilst these products may not be needed for the everyday family we wanted to create a space where we could  make them available to those who need them. Vinny and Co allows us to continually make CVC line wraps and donate them to Children's Cancer Wards across Australia.

We hope Vinny and Co has what you are looking for. If not please don't hesitate to reach out, we are always looking to expand our range and would love to hear from you.

Sally, Michael and Vinny.