American Bison (XL) - CollectA

American Bison (XL) - CollectA

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The CollectA American Bison 2022 is an impressive wild Plains Bison model sculpted in a walking position, looking ahead. Its strong body is mostly dark brown with a detailed, thick, black and brown coat covering its head and front half of its body, while the sides of its tummy, rear, short tail, and legs are smooth. Its upward curving horns are cream with grey tips, complementing its hooves, ensuring this wild creature is both realistic and impressive, running around the plains, ready to go on an imaginary adventure.

CollectA 88968 American Bison 2022. Released 2022. 

Size approx.12.8cm x 7.6cm

Suitable for ages 3+ 

Made from PVC, painted with non-toxic acrylic paints.