My First Cutlery - by Vinny and Co

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Introducing our very own tableware. Designed with you and your baby in mind.

Featuring an easy-grip handle, no-drip guard and soft silicone our My First Cutlery set has everything you need to make introducing cutlery to your baby easier. Made with 100% platinum food grade BPA Free silicone My First cutlery is microwave, oven and freezer safe (-40 to 220c). Designed as your Childs very first introduction to cutlery, it makes preloading food easy whilst offering safety features to prevent gagging.


Easy-grip Handle

The small rounded handle makes picking up My First Cutlery easy for babies who are developing their fine motor skills. The small ball shape fits comfortably into their first whilst the short handle makes it easy for them to navigate the cutlery into their mouths. 

No-drip Guard

When first introducing cutlery pre-loading the cutlery for baby is a great way to get them started. The no-drip guard not only stops baby gagging on the cutlery it aids in keeping pre-loaded spoons stable when placed in front of baby.

Soft Silicone

My First Cutlery is made with soft 100% platinum silicone, making it soft and safe for babies to use. Whilst babies are learning to navigate cutlery the soft silicone prevents any sharp objects accidentally knocking their delicate gums.


PLEASE NOTE: The fork in this set is not designed for stabbing food, the soft silicone nature of this product is intended for use with young babies who are beginning to use cutlery for the first time. If your child is ready to begin loading their own cutlery we recommend Doddl cutlery which you can get here.