Mini Scribble Mat - Number Fun

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Make learning numbers fun with the help of our animal friends!

Introducing 'Number Fun,' where the magic of numbers meets the charm of adorable animals on a compact canvas of creativity! This mini reusable mat transforms counting into an engaging adventure as the numbers 0-9 take the shape of delightful animals.

Whether it's a graceful swan for the number 2 or a curious spider for 8, these number-animals add a playful touch to early learning. ‘Number Fun' encourages hands-on learning, allowing young minds to explore the world of numbers with colour and excitement!

What's Included?

1 x mini sized silicone mat, measuring 20 x 15cm

Note: No pens or pouches are included with our Solo Mats. To purchase pens separately, please click here.

Solo mats can be placed alongside another mat inside one of our pouches that come included in our Original, Mini, and Pen ranges.