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Clever Bugs loose parts tinker range has been designed to encourage children to: Explore. Imagine. Create.

This open-ended activity allows your children’s imagination to run wild, using their problem solving and critical thinking skills; as well as supporting fine motor development, hand eye coordination, concentration, and language development. The contents can be built and re-built over and over again – the possibilities are endless!

The standard box contains:

3 x Wooden spools – 1 x large, 1 x medium, 1 x small

4 x Giant popsticks

10 x Regular popsticks

5 x Small Popsticks small

15 x Construct-a-sticks

2 x Propeller popsticks

20 x Matchsticks

3 x Buckles & bits pieces (chosen at random)

30 x Mini earth tone tiles (colours chosen at random)

6 x Wooden buttons – 2 x large, 2 x medium, 2 x small

6 x Wooden beads – (chosen at random)

5 x Golden bells

1 x Modelling spring

1 x Large wooden peg

1 x Green wind up mechanism

2 x Suction cups

1 x Wooden model stand

4 x Wooden cogs (chosen at random)

1 x Pendant

1 x Silver keychain

2 x 30cm piece of jute string

Our loose parts tinker boxes are packaged in our custom-made cardboard box with compartments. The box is designed to store the contents and make all items easily visual and accessible to young explorers.

Box size: 220 x 160 x 70mm

Please note that our tinker range includes a variety of different loose parts. Items may vary from pictures on our website and socials.

WARNING: Recommended for ages 3+

Our tinker range includes small parts which may cause choking hazards. Parental supervision is required.