Cancer Treatment Milestone Cards - Fin Laser Co. X Vinny & Co

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A collection of milestone cards carefully curated for babies and children battling cancer. Celebrate the milestones unique to those who are taking the path less beaten. Use the addition 'again/finally' token for those milestones that keep coming around again and again and the finally token for the milestones that felt like they would never come.

10 double sided Discs made locally by Fin Laser Co, etched onto timber and double sided.

Again / Finally

Little Warrior / Bravest of Brave

Today I start my fight / Today I rang the bell

First dose of chemo / Last dose of chemo

Thoughts and prayers needed today / Today I grew my angel wings

Today is day 100 / I have a new accessory

Surgery day / Transplant day

I need a blood transfusion / Today I found some neutrophils

Today I had a biopsy / Today I had a general anaesthetic 

I am in remission / I am cancer free