My Fairy Library (Hardcover Activity Book) - Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini

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• CREATE YOUR OWN FAIRY LIBRARY cut, fold and stick to make tiny fairy books, from guides to Fairyland and its inhabitants to illustrated stories and books to complete yourself

 • HOURS OF FUN there are 20 books to create, and the kit comes with tiny shelves to store your books and the box becomes a magical fairy playset!


• BEAUTIFUL GIFT perfect for birthday presents, rainy day activities and holiday stocking stuffers, not to mention a lovely space for any fairies, gnomes, and other tiny critters that may reside in your home


• COLLECT BOTH KITS My Fairy Library is the follow up to My Miniature Library, lauded by the LA Times as "the most precious gift set of the year"


• WHAT'S IN THE BOX material to make 20 books, instructions, miniature shelves to store your books, attractive, sturdy box that becomes a magical fairy playset


Open the box to go on an adventure into Fairyland and create a library of magical miniature books that you can really read!